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Non-binary machine logic is not trivial. However, it is not difficult either, but it takes
some exposure to get used to.

A series of Youtube videos related to different aspects of non-binary switching devices
is posted and expanded on a regular basis. Examples programmed under Matlab Guide
are provided to visualize the aspects of non-binary switching devices. A free copy of the
Matlab programs can be obtained by sending a request to admin@ternarylogic.com.

The following videos (most recent ones listed first) are currently available.
 16) Non-Binary Feedback Shift Registers
 15) Binary Feedback Shift Registers
 14) Reduction of non-binary switching function with inverter
 13) Non-binary text encryption with reversible inverters
 12) Non-binary circulating memories from reversible inverters
 11) Non-binary reversible inverters
 10) Non-binary (3-state and 4-state) feedback memory latch
  9) Visualization of unstable states binary feedback latches
  8) Non-binary logic gates with numerical logic values
  7) Non-binary logic gate states in color
  6) Binary Gate States in Color
  5) Binary Inverting Gates
  4) Non-binary Inverters (3-state and 4-state)
  3) Ripple Adder in Binary and Ternary Logic 
  2) Modified OR/AND memory latch
  1) Novel Binary Feedback Latches

Nonbinary Machine Logic - A free Video Presentation