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Ternarylogic LLC

Ternarylogic LLC

Advanced computing? No matter how complex a program or application, how large the memory or how fast the internal clock of a processor or digital circuit, in essence we are still dealing with a computer being a relatively simple switching machine. The buidling blocks of these switching machines are the simplest of simple switching devices: binary switches. This is curious, as virtually no process in the real world (including mathematics) is a binary process. Almost every concept we deal with has multiple possible states.

If you are one of those people who have an innate curiosity and wonder how things can be done differently, you have come to the right place. You probably have heard many times that current digital technology is binary. Why not ternary, you may wonder. Or why not a 256 state logic? What would non-binary logic mean or look like? Find out here and on related web sites.

Ternarylogic LLC is an R&D company that develops Intellectual Property (IP) in non-binary machine logic and switching technology.

Our inventions are related to novel ways of using non-binary switching functions.

Non-binary Switching

What is this non-binary switching?

If you are new to the concept of non-binary switching, you should probably download and read this brief paper on the subject on why and how it is different from binary switching. And why switching is not logic.

Availability of the Book, Presentations and Programs

The Intellectual property (IP) of Ternarylogic LLC is described and illustrated in the book, presentations and programs, available for purchasing or licensing.

The IP may be acquired by a party that wishes not to make these documents publicly available. At that time, Ternarylogic LLC will remove all documents from being accessed. At that time only patents and published patent applications may remain as a descriptive public source.

The Logic of More - Applications in Non-binary Machine Logic:
The Programs and Presentations

The best way to learn about the concepts of non-binary machine logic is to run and play with programs that perform non-binary logic.

A set of Matlab®/Freemat programs is now available to become familiar with the concepts. A set of 24 presentations accompanies the programs, explaining in detail the purpose and the structure of the applications.

By following the flow of the presentations you will become rapidly familiar and comfortable with nonbinary switching tables and inverters. In fact, you may start to consider binary machine logic to be extremely limiting.

A license to the package of programs is available fromTernarylogic.

The price is $ 1295. Please contact us at admin@ternarylogic.com if you would like to purchase a license.

Help to install is available at www.ternarylogic.com/help/

The program files are password protected in a self-extracting file and can be unlocked with "I accept the License Agreement" (without quotation marks).

Take a look at the table of contents of the presentations.

The background of the image below, shows a 4-state pseudo-noise sequence, generated with a 4-state LFSR by a Freemat/Matlab program in the set.

Nonbinary Machine Logic: The Video

A free introductory video on the subject of Nonbinary Machine Logic is here.

If you prefer an MP4 format (for Apple for instance) click here.

The Logic of More - Applications in Non-binary Machine Logic: The Book

An extensive description and explanation of the inventions with simple examples is provided in an eBook that is now available for purchase. The title of this unique book is "The Logic of More.  Applications in Non-binary Machine Logic."  The price is $ 155.

Take a look at the Table of Contents.

An unlimited copy license is available at significantly reduced cost for qualified schools, institutions and companies. Send a request for information to admin@ternarylogic.com.

Hardcopy of the Book

A nicely printed hardcopy of the book is now also available. The price is $ 185. The higher price reflects the printing costs. Fulfillment of printing and delivery of the book is provided by The Bookpatch. The hardcopy has a 8 by 11 inch size format and is much easier to read than on a screen.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  TheBookPatch.com Buy Now style 1 button

Substantial discount rates are available for purchase of multiple copies. Contact us at admin@ternarylogic.com.

Review Copy

If you would like to review the book or the programs you should send an email for a review copy to admin@ternarylogic.com.

The Ternarylogic LLC IP Portfolio

The Ternarylogic portfolio has over 50 inventions and covers:
- building blocks, such as switches and memories;
- self-synchronizing LFSR based descramblers in Galois and Fibonacci configuration;
- n-state symbol sequence generators;
- sequence detectors;
- correlation methods;
- error-correcting coding (BCH, convolutional and product codes);
- encryption, including Feistel network based codes and ECC coding;
- radix-n arithmetical methods; and
- Galois Field arithmetic.

Access to Our Portfolio and Licensing Opportunities

This web site comprises a wealth of information, links, white papers and references to patents and patent applications. Feel free to download any of the documents.  Please be aware that none of the patented inventions disclosed are in the public domain. No license is provided to use any part of our Intellectual Property.  But you can certainly review it. Or invent something new, if you are inspired by it.

A list of Issued Patents and Published Patent Applications is provided in a document that can be downloaded for www.ternarylogic.com/portfolio.pdf. This document has live links to at least some of the disclosures. Please, visit the US Patent Office web site here for an up-to-date listing of all issued patents.

Contact us if you wish to apply any of our inventions or obtain a license. While we encourage you to review all the disclosed matter, we frown upon any infringement of our IP rights. What does this mean? It means that you cannot use, make, sell, offer to sell, or import any of our inventions that are protected by US Patents in the USA without our express and written permission. Please review the Infringement Statute to update your knowledge about patent infringement in the USA.

Immediate Applications

Non-binary concepts are currently used in error-correcting decoding such as in Reed Solomon (RS) codes. The n-state logic functions are generally implemented as additions and multiplications over Finite or Galois Fields (GF(n)).

By using a non-binary switching approach to RS-coders (rather than an implementation of the more complicated polynomial arithmetical approach) one can simplify the understanding of the RS-coder as well as some error correcting strategies.

In a similar way one can address convolutional coders, including non-binary ones.

The eBook explains the above approaches.